In 2018, we’ll celebrate TDU National Organizer Ken Paff’s 45 years of organizing in the Teamsters. Like TDU, Ken is still going strong.

We are asking TDU supporters and the many activists who have been inspired by TDU and touched by Ken’s work to donate to this special appeal to launch the TDU Future Fund.

Ken Paff has dedicated more than four decades to organizing for union democracy and transforming one of the country’s most powerful unions.

Starting out as a freight driver in Cleveland in the early 70’s, Ken and other courageous Teamsters built TDU into the largest, longest-lasting union reform movement in the country.

TDU has won the right to vote in union elections, ended mob-rule of the Teamsters, and led campaigns that have won stronger wages, benefits and job protections for hundreds of thousands of workers.

Ken is a recognized labor educator and campaign strategist who has helped build TDU into a model of rank-and-file-led, grassroots unionism.

An event will be held at the 2018 Labor Notes Conference to celebrate Ken Paff and TDU. Details to follow.


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