About the Future Fund

TDU is at a crossroads.

In 2016, the reform candidate for General President won the majority of the vote in the U.S. TDU is building a movement to finish the job and transform the Teamsters from the bottom up.

We’ve launched the TDU Future Fund to raise $150,000 to sustain TDU and enable us to transform the Teamsters Union through progressive grassroots organizing.

In 2018, we’ll celebrate TDU National Organizer Ken Paff’s 45 years of organizing in the Teamsters. Like TDU, Ken is still going strong.

We are asking TDU supporters and the many activists who have been inspired by TDU and touched by Ken’s work to donate to this special appeal to launch the TDU Future Fund.

An event will be held at the 2018 Labor Notes Conference to celebrate Ken and TDU. Details to follow.

All donations are confidential. 

Your contribution to this appeal will fund new TDU campaigns, expand our organizing staff, recruit new grassroots activists, and train future Teamster leaders.

Many of you are long-time TDU supporters. We thank you for making an additional contribution to this special appeal on top of your customary, generous annual support.

Your donation to the TDU Future Fund is tax-deductible and will be processed by TRF, our non-profit educational and legal organization. No TRF funds are used in support of candidates for union office.

 Your donation is confidential—your donation to the TDU Future Fund will not be publicly recognized unless you give us your express permission.

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