Reforming the Teamsters

The next International Union election is in 2021. TDU is organizing at the bottom to win at the top of our union.

In the last Teamster election, we came within 6,000 votes transforming the leadership of the most powerful union in North America—and we’re organizing to finish the job.

Fighting for Economic Justice

TDU mobilized thousands of workers to fight wage, pension and healthcare cuts in recent contracts affecting 300,000 workers.


UPS Teamsters United

UPS workers voted to reject a concessionary contract after a year-long campaign by TDU activists. Hoffa used a constitutional loophole to impose the unpopular deal. Now, TDU activists are turning their focus from “Vote No” to “Vote Them Out.”

End Part-Time Poverty at UPS

TDU is bringing the Fight for $15 into the Teamsters. Our End Part-Time Poverty at UPS campaign is fighting for living wages and more full-time jobs at UPS. In 2018, our campaign helped win an immediate $3 increase in starting pay for part-timers, going up to $15.50 by 2022, more full-time jobs, and stronger protections against discipline and harassment.


Developing Black Worker Leadership

TDU is helping Black Teamsters organize to transform the union’s leadership so that it looks like the membership.

In June, we held a national Black Leadership Conference for members, stewards, and local union officers to come together and strategize plans for empowering Black Teamsters at all levels of the union and making the Teamsters a stronger ally of racial and economic justice movements.

Future Reform Leaders Program

TDU’s organizing and leadership development programs give union members the tools they need to organize for power on the job and in the union.

Our Future Reform Leaders program is helping workers in targeted locals to build reform movements, run for union office, and build progressive local unions.

TDU Convention - November 2013 - Chicago.

Social Movement Unionism

The labor movement is about fighting for all working people. TDU members have teamed up with the Fight for 15, striking teachers, immigrant organizing, Occupy Wall Street, the Climate Justice March, and other campaigns for social justice.


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