We’ve Now Raised Over $141,000!

On April 6, over 250 friends celebrated Ken Paff and TDU in Chicago as part of our year-long Future Fund Campaign.

We raised over $15,300 at the event—and have now raised more than $141,300.

The campaign is continuing with more local events and fundraising plans. We may even increase our goal!

Thanks again for your support and for helping the TDU Future Fund.


TDU Future Fund Tops $120K & Growing

Donations to the TDU Future Fund have topped $120,000—and we’re not through yet!

Thanks to your amazing support, we’ve blown past our original fundraising goal of $100,000—and have set our sights on raising $150,000 to expand TDU’s staff and support new campaigns and organizing efforts.

TDU-backed candidates office won the vote in 155 local unions nationwide in the International Union election. We’re taking our organizing into these locals to organize contract campaigns, train rank-and-file organizers and develop reform leaders.

TDU is growing—and so is the demand on our resources. The TDU Future Fund is helping to drive our success.

Donate to the TDU Future Fund.

NYC and Rhode Island Events Raise Over $15,000

Last weekend, TDU supporters hosted events in New York and Rhode Island that raised more than $15,000 for the TDU Future Fund.

Ken Paff was a featured speaker at both events, along with TDU members at UPS and TDU supporters from a dozen unions.

Thanks to all the union member and progressive activists who turned out, donated and made these events a success.

Our next event will be held on Friday night, April 6 in Chicago at the Labor Notes Conference.

More TDU Future Fund events and house parties are in the works. If you’d like to support one in your area, send us a message.

TDU is at a Crossroads

In 2016, the reform candidate for General President won the majority of the vote in the U.S. TDU is building a movement to finish the job and transform the Teamsters from the bottom up.

We’ve launched the TDU Future Fund to raise $150,000 to sustain TDU for the long haul and to enable us to transform the Teamsters Union through progressive grassroots organizing.

In 2018, we’ll celebrate TDU National Organizer Ken Paff’s 45 years of organizing in the Teamsters. Like TDU, Ken is still going strong.

We are asking TDU supporters and the many activists who have been inspired by TDU and touched by Ken’s work to donate to this special appeal to launch the TDU Future Fund.

All donations are confidential.
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